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Current Hair Routine

Hair, we love it or we hate it! Am I right? Since switching up my routine and being on a regular schedule for a trim. I seem to be on the “love it” train more often! Let me tell you my secrets!  I like to share!

I am not a hair stylist, this is simply my experience! Enjoy it and try what feels right to you!

My first secret to gorgeous locks is, not washing it! What?!?!?! Yep! The more days you can get your hair and scalp to stretch between washes, the happier and healthier your hair will be! The trick is figuring out what your hair and scalp need to get you to that extended period between washes without offending your friends!

The first thing I did years ago when I began this was I would go every other day for a while until my hair felt like it wasn’t greasy and could go another day. To stretch that 3rd day you can try using a  dry shampoo like Primally pure, and putting it into a braid or ponytail. Whatever you can stand for a day! Just try to go one day farther than you usually do. Then wash! Continue this method until you are at the amount of days you desire to skip between washes! I am currently at about 4 or 5 days on average! I exercise 4-5 days a week and do intense cardio half of those days. Sweating should not disrupt your wash routine!

I use Beautycounter’s Daily shampoo and conditioner. The name makes me giggle, because I definitely never wash my hair daily! The name does imply the shampoo and conditioner to be simple, effective and gentle enough for often use! They deliver!

Our hair has natural oil in it called sebum. The sebum is a protective coat on your hair and it wants to help you out! So let it! Sometimes if I feel like a workout really got my hair salty I do a rinse only. That usually gets me by one more day with a blow dry or French braid!

My next secret to gorgeous hair, is hair oil! What?!?! Yep, again! Hair oil is a secret of mine that until now I only shared with my closest friends. Ok, I Kid I kid! Hair oil first came into my routine probably 7 years ago. When it was used more as a heat protector for blow drying and hair straighteners. Then I evolved with the product! I discovered that if I only put the oil on my hair tips when blow drying my hair it would distribute itself properly! On second and third day hair if my tips feel dehydrated I add a little again before curling my hair. I find this second coat to be very nourishing, right when my hair needs it.

Hair routine day 1. So fresh!!

I have a couple of hair oils I like to use. Beautycounter’s hair serum can be used in this way. I do find their actual hair oil to be a little too intense for my hair and can’t seem to get just a little in my hair to work. It ends up being too greasy for me.  I also use a hair oil from Davines. They are another B-corp company like Beautycounter. They are making efforts to be sustainable and responsible in their business! Considering people, the planet and business in many avenues. I do think their products are high performing, but I wish they would eliminate fragrance and a few other questionable ingredients like those used in their aerosol products. It’s a lot about progress not perfection in the cleaner, safer beauty movement at this time. I hope to look back at this post in 10 years and be proud of the progressive and  positive change that occurred!

The natural oils in your hair with the dry shampoo give me some pretty good volume. I am careful to use too many hair products since the hair part of the beauty industry does not have nearly as many options as the make-up and skin care world. My typical hair styling routine is wash and blow dry on day one. I do use a heat protection spray followed by the hair straightener. Day two through four I curl it with a 1 1/4 inch barrel curling iron where needed so it has a full body curl! Using my hair serum/oil when needed for dry ends. This helps me to have soft movable, full-bodied curls! On the rare occasion I use a little hair spray if I want my curls too stay precise for longer into the day. My favorite options for a light movable hold hair spray are Beautycounter’s Volumizing mist, Root Pretty, and Innersense.

Additional things I add to my daily routine that I think help my hair health is Vitamin E, collagen peptides, and plenty of good ole’ water! I am definitely not a Naturopath or Doctor so please seek medical advice if you choose to add vitamins and supplements into your routine!

Hair routine on Day 3. This is my favorite hair day! The perfect balance between full-body curls, softness and natural oils!




So there it is my frequently asked for gorgeous locks’ routine! I hope you find this helpful! Please share if you too have found certain cleaner safer products to be effective in your own hair care routine!







Have a Beautiful Day lovelies!